St. John Lutheran Church
Bowdle, SD

Christ Window

Movable Window
Jesus' Birth
Jesus Death, Pelican, symbolizing how Jesus feeds us spiritually
Jesus' glorious rule


Movable Window
Phoenix, symbol of the resurrection
Father, Son (at his baptism), Holy Spirit
A ship, a traditional picture of the church

Rose Window

The Holy Spirit


Movable Window
Prayer, Meditation, Temptation; Luther's Rose
Anchor of hope; Glory through the cross; God's Word
Five symbols for music and praise

Symbols on the Side Windows

Movable Window
The fall into sin; God's promise symbolized by the angels over the ark of the covenant; Jesus, the son of King David.; An eagle, symbol of St. John; Jesus' birth; Jesus, the Lamb of God; Jesus' sufferings; The Great Commission, to preach repentance and faith in the world.

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