St. Paul Lutheran Church
Green Bay, WI
Front Window Movable Window
Top: Alpha, Omega
Second Row: Father, Spirit, Son
Third Row: Baptism, The Lord's Supper
Center: Jesus in glory
Side Windows Movable Window
Left Side: Mary Visits Elizabeth.
Row 1: Birth of Jesus; Jesus presented at the temple; The Wise Men.
Row 2: Flight to Egypt; Twelve-year-old Jesus at the temple; Jesus' Baptism; Water into wine; New life through Jesus.
Row 3: Feeding of the 5000; Jesus, the victorious Lamb; Sermon on the Mount; The Lord's Supper; Peter-denial and martyrdom.
Row 4: Jesus' sacrificial death (pelican); Resurrection (phoenix); Jesus' Ascension.
Right Side: Pentecost.


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