Salem Lutheran Church
Lowell, WI
Front Window Jesus in glory, "Christ, the Redeemer"
Balcony Window Light streaming from the cross; Christ's cross is the anchor of ther soul; The loving heart of Christ
Side Windows Movable Window
1. The scepter of Judah; The Christmas rose, Jesus' birth; Mary's purification
2. Flight to Egypt; Twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple; Jesus' baptism
3. Jesus is anointed at his Baptism by the Holy Spirit: Jesus' 40 days of temptation; Jesus teaches his disciples to be fishers of men
4. Wedding at Cana; Jesus saves Peter; Parable of the sower and the seed
Side Windows
Movable Window
1. The twelve disciples and Jesus' cup of suffering; Gethsemane; The rooster crows
2. Jesus whipped; The crucifixion; The resurrection.
3. Jesus burial and resurrection (spices for burial, the empty tomb); Jesus ascension; The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
4. The gospel is the message of Scripture; Jesus, the Good Shepherd; The spread of the gospel.