Grace Lutheran Church
South St. Paul, MN
Front Windows Left: Holy Spirit; Jesus' Baptism; Baptismal font
Center: God's Word; Sermon on the Mount; Ten Commandments
Right: Wheat (Bread in the Lord's Supper); The institution of the Lord's Supper; Jesus' cup of suffering through which he shed his blood for the world's sins.
Balcony Window Angels adoring Jesus in his glory
Side Windows Movable Window
1. Fleur de Lis, symbolizing the new life that came through Christ; Jesus' birth: Luther's seal
2, God's Word; Twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple; Ten Commandments;
3, Jesus' cup of suffering; Gethsemane; Jesus' arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane
4. Vinegar to drink: The crucifixion; casting dice for Jesus outer garment
5. Pomeganate, symbol of the resurrection; Jesus' resurrection; Phoenix, symbol of life from death
Shields and Side Window Scenes
Movable Window
Closeups of the scenes and symbols in the side windows.