St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Fort Atkinson, WI
Gethsemane Window Movable Window
Jesus in Gethsemane
Bottom Symbols: Our faith is anchored in Jesus' love and his cross; The victorious Lamb; God's gift of music.
The Cross Window Movable Window
Christ's Bride clings to the cross
Bottom Symbols: The office of the keys; Baptism; Lord's Supper.
Side Symbols
Movable Window
From Left to Right: Cross after crucifixion; Tools of the crucifixion; Final harvest; Creator's star, or Star of David; Cross; Crown; Bread of the Lord's Supper; Wine of the Lord's Supper; Beehive (symbolizing the Church; Cross is the anchor of our souls; Holy Spirit brings peace; The crown comes through the cross;
Back Symbols Movable Window
Left to Right: The ark of the church; The light of God's Word; The anchor of our hope.

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