Salem Lutheran Church
Woodbury, MN
Side Windows, Old Testament Movable Window
Read the windows from left to right.
1. (top to bottom) Pictured are God's creating hand making the sun, moon, and stars, the dry land and vegetation, the birds, fish, and animals.
2 ( bottom to top): . Adam and Eve sinned by eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They were cast out of the Garden, whose entry was guarded by a flaming sword. Adam and Eve's sons, Cain and Abel both offered a sacrifice. Abel's was accepted (smoke rising upward. Cain's was not accepted (smoke going downward)
3. (top to bottom) Pictured are the flood, the dove that returned with proof that plants were again growing on the earth, and the rainbow; God keeps Abraham from sacrificing his son; God appeared to Moses in the desert in a burning bush and commissioned him to lead his people out of Egypt.
4. (bottom to top) Moses held out his staff over the Red Sea and it parted to let Israel pass through; The Ten Commandments; Symbol of King David; Symbol of King Solomon, who ruled with wisdom.
5. (bottom to top) Symbols of Isaiah, whose tongue was purified with a hot coal: Jeremiah, who wept over Jerusalem; Ezekiel, who saw a vision of the New Jerusalem (containing a closed gate); and Daniel, who saw a four horned goat in a his vision of the Greek domination of the world.
Side Windows, New Testament Movable Window
Read windows from left to right.
1. (bottom to top) Pictured is XP, the first two Greek letters in Jesus, the manger, and the star that guided the Magi; symbols for the Magi; two doves (symbols for Mary's purification); the star of David; columns and a lamp (symbols of the twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple); the Jordan River where John was baptizing; the cross on which the Lamb of God was sacrificed; a shell symbolizing Jesus' baptism; the Holy Spirit descending like a dove on Jesus; and rays from above, a symbol for God speaking from heaven.
2. (top to bottom) Pictured are stone jars symbolizing Jesus' miracle at the wedding of Cana; interlocking rings and a cross, symbolizing Jesus' blessing on marriage; a fishnet, abandoned by the fishermen to follow Jesus (XP); Sermon on the Mount and the eight sided cross symbolizing the eight Beatitudes; Bread and fish symbolizing the feeding of the 5,000.
3. (bottom to top) Pictured are symbols of Jesus' transfiguration (Jesus: cross and rays of glory, Moses, The Ten Commandments, Elijah, the chariot of fire); a vine ("I am the vine."); a torth ("I am the light of the world"); Palm Branches, the cross, and orb, symbolizing Jesus entry into Jerusalem, his victory through the cross, and the worldwide spread of the gospel.
4. (top to bottom) Pictured are symbols of Jesus institution the Lord's Supper; Praying hands (Jesus praying in Gethsemane); The crufixion; The resurrection.
5. (bottom to top) Pictured are the outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost; Jesus, the Alpha and Omega (beginning and end), King and ruler of the world.